Emerald Consult
  • Slovakia

    Slovakia offers the most favorable conditions for business,
    tax efficiency, residency, and vacations.
    A perfect entry point into the European market!

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  • In-Company Administration

    Supporting company operation in various territories:
    virtual office, comfortable communications,
    representative functions, document flow.

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  • Finance

    Corporate and private bank accounts. Accounting services,
    auditing, taxation planning, tax optimization,
    VAT return for international companies.

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  • Opening Company Bank Accounts

    Corporate transaction and investment accounts.
    Bank selection, communication, support, documentation.

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  • IT Consulting, Outsourcing

    Consulting on IT infrastructure set-up in Europe.

    Infrastructure setup, equipment and software delivery.

    Technical support and maintenance.

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  • Hong Kong

    Incorporation and support of international business entities in the heart of Asia.
    Free market, private sector predominance,
    low taxes, global prospects.

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  • Panama

    Zero tax rate and highest possible confidentiality for international business.
    Offshore companies and banks incorporation.

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Bringing goals within reach. Increasing opportunities.

Emerald Consult is your global partner in achieving your goals when it comes to incorporating and protecting your business, diversifying your assets, and increasing both your prosperity and personal freedom.

Our team’s expertise allows us to solve even the most complicated problems facing our clients across the territories of 14 jurisdictions, coordinating the work of Emerald Consult branches in Slovakia and Hong Kong.

We guarantee that with us you will receive the best possible solution to your problems and will meet your objectives in a prompt, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

We believe that a working relationship should be based on transparency and trust. Each day, we strive to build on the trust invested in us by our clients and partners.