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Today, this Central European country is a real find for those who are attracted by the opportunities offered of a European lifestyle and economy.

Hungary is part of the European Union and Schengen zone. Its economy is currently undergoing considerable reforms, which gives entrepreneurs the prefect opportunity to make their move.

Hungary’s advantages:

  • Prompt company incorporation (limited and public companies): formalities may take three to five days, while VAT and EORI identification numbers can be requested automatically at the time of incorporation

  • Favorable taxation policy: corporate tax rate on a base up to 1.7 million Euros is just 10%, while outgoing cross-border payments, dividends and holding company incomes from subsidiaries sales are exempt of taxes. All of the above makes a Hungarian company an efficient central component for holdings
  • A foreigner can be a company director and can become a tax resident of the country

As a result, a company in Hungary offers support to any international entity, gives the opportunity of fast entry into the European market and opens up an actual way to permanent residence in Europe: the director and the owner of the company that actually operates and yields 2,400 USD in net profit per annum or more has the right for a temporary residence permit. Their spouse and underage children can join. After just three years of residence in Hungary it is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit. It is one of the shortest periods to receive a permanent residence permit in Europe.

Hungary also offers an attractive investment-based program for obtaining permanent residence permit: it is sufficient to invest 250,000 Euros into the government bonds for a period of five years.

A permanent residence permit in Hungary increases your personal freedom without any sacrifices: even if you have a Hungarian passport you do not have to make any difficult choices – Hungary allows dual citizenship.