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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny spot on the map of Europe, located between Belgium, France, and Germany. At the same time, it is one of the financial centers of Europe. It boasts the highest standard of living for its population and the same external debt are a direct consequence of the tax policy in this small country – the policy that turned Luxembourg into an oasis for large global capital.

Major reasons to make a decision in favor of Luxembourg:

  • For companies – legislation in intellectual property allows to decrease taxes on intellectual property income down to 6%, while the great infrastructure and abundant financial products for family offices operation, high-end banking sector, and great opportunities for different funds and trusts creates a favorable environment to grow family capitals

  • For the wealthy– permissive taxation system: there are no taxes on luxury, estate duties, taxes on capital gains below 10%, or life insurance taxes for a period over ten years

  • For everyone – the country has been in TOP-10 list of countries with the highest living standards and a leader in security. Everyone feels at home here, because almost 40% of the population are foreigners.

Luxemburg’s reliable and reputable banking system has been decades in the making. Today, this country takes pride in being second in Europe in terms of the number of banks (with London leading) and largest European private banking capital, according to experts.

If money likes silence, then Luxembourg is silently impressive.