Emerald Consult

About Company

Emerald Consult specializes in creating and supporting international companies, financial and legal services, asset protection, and geographically expanding its personnel and business footprint.

Our company operations are based on strict control over service quality, maximum confidentiality and legitimacy, a customized approach to each and every client, as well as directness and transparency in partnership relations.

These principles ensure a unique credit of trust from our clients. In fact,  more than half of our clients have come to us based on recommendations.

Our team has expertise and experience in successful international taxation planning, the development and support of companies / offshore banks / funds / trusts including (in-company administration, legal and financial services).

Most of our clients benefit from the unique advantages of the two territories, where Emerald Consult has its branches: Slovakia and Hong Kong. We also have many clients in other territories, where favorable conditions serve to enhance our main entities and give our clients the best possible opportunity to bring their plans to fruition.

Our operations are organized in such a way so as to provide the most efficient service and convenience to each client:

  • Diverse cooperation modes: from one-time advisory sessions to continuous management of our client’s affairs;
  • Truly a full range of services: any and all business areas, from setting up objectives to developing and implementing solutions;
  • Reasonable prices for quality work, meeting the highest international standards;
  • Personalized service: your personal manager always has all the up-to-date information on the status of your project and is ready to clarify and discuss any arising questions;
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed regarding any information received.

We will be happy to assist you!