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Company Incorporation

In today’s dynamic world, offshore companies are the most efficient tool to optimize taxes and to protect assets, business and personal freedom.

Operating a successful business without offshore protection in countries with imperfect legislative and judicial systems is not only economically unprofitable, but also risky.

A company incorporated in a carefully selected jurisdiction, can provide you with various opportunities:

  • Having the best possible conditions for cross-border financing

  • Receiving loans and other additional funding
  • Protecting financial and other important information from adversaries
  • Legally decreasing tax burden
  • Expanding into new business markets
  • Protecting and managing personal and corporate assets
  • Receiving residence permits and citizenships in other countries
  • Having comfortable lives for your loved ones and a better future for your children

Despite all the effort made to eliminate offshore opportunities from the global economy, not even G8 state-owned corporations can avoid relations with offshore companies. Nevertheless, uninformed decisions in this area can bring you a lot of trouble, including account freezing and legal prosecution.

Which jurisdiction should you choose in order to best run a business with Asian or European partners? Where should you open a bank account? Which type of incorporation will be the most suitable for a company that owns real estate or intellectual property and where should it be located? What is the best option for e-commerce business? How much does it cost to sustain an offshore company? What is the best way to build relations between a current business and an international company? Which model will be the perfect solution to all your objectives – both business and personal?

Our team is ready to answer these and many other questions. Not only do they know all about the many peculiarities and advantages of different jurisdictions, they also monitor their development trends. As soon as any concerning conditions arise in any of the countries where our clients operate their businesses, we intensify our attention to those risk zones, so that we can respond in a timely manner if necessary.

When you entrust your offshore companies’ incorporation to your team, you can rest assured that our work will be transparent and that we will be completely focused on your fulfilling your objectives.

Our cooperation will result in be turnkey international business entities that will fit seamlessly into your goal achievement plans.