Emerald Consult


To achieve the various different goals of our clients including but not limited to: tax optimization, second passport advantages, financial assets protection, and business diversification, we use the opportunities provided by the economic features and legislation of many countries.

 Some of these countries are traditional offshore territories:

While others are jurisdictions with preferential tax treatment for income transfers, bank interest rates, profit repatriation, dividends, and royalties:

We also use the advantages provided by other countries. Usually, the best solutions for our clients’ objectives are a combination of the opportunities offered by different jurisdictions, and the current condition of their legislations and political and economic situations. These comprehensive solutions are the ones that yield successful and consistent results, guarantee maximum protection of assets and our clients’ wellbeing.

Do you want to optimize your taxes and explore new opportunities for your business and investments?

Do you dream of being at home in the world at large and providing your family with a stable and comfortable present and future?