Emerald Consult

Legal Services

Present-day business requires constant legal support – both for the incorporation process and everyday operations, as well as for specific transactions and unusual deals. Taking into consideration the international nature of our clients’ businesses, providing legal support is a complex and expensive task.

You can resolve this task independently by hiring specialists or legal companies in each country you find yourself in. Or, you can save yourself the hassle and put Emerald Consult in charge of legal support for your business!

When we run your legal support to us, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Comprehensive legal support of current operations: preparation, analysis and storage of documents, legal expertise in taxation and finance communications, standard deals, partner interaction, consulting on legal issues
  • Legal support for individual projects: preparation of reports and expert conclusions, complex deals and processes support (including modifications of existing business structure – mergers/acquisitions, changes in the ownership/shareholding/beneficiary structure, etc.).
  • Confidence in the complete protection of your assets from any legal issues.

We offer administration services in all jurisdictions, where our clients have interests, however we guarantee the most efficient response in Hong Kong, Slovakia, and Panama, since we have Emerald Consult branches in these countries, providing us with vast human resources and a considerable amount of clients.