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Returning VAT

Returning value added tax (VAT) is a preference used by every company paying taxes. Naturally, returning VAT when operating a business in Europe or with European partners is absolutely necessary.

According to the European Council Directive 2006/112/ЕС on the common system of value-added tax, the following types of business are subject to VAT: supply of goods, intra-community acquisition of goods, supply of services, and importation of goods.

If a company is subject to VAT it also has the right to claim a VAT refund. This allows the company to optimize taxes for a business operation within the European Union.

Registering a VAT identification number is required if the turnover for the last 12 months exceeds the amount identified by a relevant European Union member country. However, there is also an option to register as a VAT payer voluntarily – moreover, a non-European company can do it as well.

Which VAT returning plan should be chosen in your specific case? Would it be better to incorporate an independent company to get the tax refund? Does it make sense to receive a VAT identification number for an existing European or non-European company? Which European Union jurisdiction will be the best to do it? Our team will find the answer that’s right for you. After that, they will do everything that is required to register a VAT identification number:

  • Submit an application with the description of the company’s business and the reasons for VAT identification number registration to tax authorities,

  • Supervise the process of VAT identification number assignment and fiscal agent appointment.

Later on, we can take up the following responsibilities:

  • Drafting and submitting a VAT declaration that would contain all transactions involving VAT identification number,

  • Supervising VAT payment to the government getting the VAT refund,
  • Registering EORI number that will be required to work with customs declaration forms.