Emerald Consult

Tax Planning

The incorporation of international companies is foremost about preserving and increasing assets and financial resources. This is why Emerald Consult is geared towards international tax planning services which aim to increase our clients’ business profitability.

Well-designed tax optimization plans guarantee:

  • Maximum income by way of legal tax burden decrease using the advantages of offshore jurisdictions;

  • Reliable asset protection from political, economic, and legal risks.

What does your company do? What goals do you want to achieve and what objectives do you plan to reach by means of tax havens?

Our team is creating customized plans that will help you achieve your goals in the shortest and most cost-effective way.

After developing and approving suggested solutions, Emerald Consult will also be able to independently implement those solutions on a turn-key basis – incorporating companies, funds or trusts, opening banks accounts, and receiving VAT identification numbers, paying state duties to ensuring successful operation