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Private Bank Accounts

A personal bank account with a foreign bank is most often opened to diversify savings, provide additional protection against domestic risks, receive income from abroad, and make payments to foreign partners.

Do you or your loved ones live or study abroad? Do you receive royalties or salary from foreign employers or income from your company overseas?

In the above cases a properly managed account with a foreign bank will definitely save you money while making payments and can even help optimize your taxes.

The process of finding a foreign bank which offers the perfect solution to your current issues, affordable account opening and maintenance charges, a comfortable access conditions, and high-level service requires the following information:

  • The purpose of the account,

  • Your tax residency and citizenship,
  • Amount of funds that is planned to be deposited in the account,
  • Approximate amount and type of transactions.

Based on the results of your search, our team will answer all your questions and help guide you in making the right choice for you from amongst several excellent options.

Account opening procedures and banks’ requirements can vary, but it is likely that for the due diligence procedure they will want to see your domestic and travel passports, ID card, CV, proof of employment, reference letters from other banks, and information on the source of funds that are to be deposited in the account. We will assist you in collecting the necessary documents and going through the verification process in a timely manner and without any trouble.

Whatever your needs and desires are, we will find a bank that will be a great fit and we will open an account for you.