Emerald Consult

Business Administration

Every company requires attention to sustain its operation: it needs a local legal and postal address, mail receipt and dispatch facilities, telephone services, communication with government structures of the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated, official document flow management, proper document keeping, and many other essentials.

Present-day business administration ensures the arrangement of a company’s physical presence in the territory of a jurisdiction and guarantees the staff’s knowledge of local corporate legislation, strict compliance with all the requirements for the operation of the company, and the availability of qualified personnel. 

How can you provide all of the above and save?

The answer is obvious: let the Emerald Consult Team do the work.

You will be thrilled with the results:

  • Complete freedom from the need to be concerned about flawless company/fund/trust operation in full compliance with all the legal requirements of their presence territory
  • Comfortable communication regarding all issues related to fully functional company operation
  • Prompt and professional completion of additional assignments regarding legal, taxation and accounting issues
  • A reliable partner that would never take its responsibilities too stiffly and will always take preventive measures to prevent any unfavorable developments

We offer administration services in all jurisdictions, where our clients have interests, however we guarantee the most efficient response in Hong Kong, Slovakia, and Panama, since we have Emerald Consult branches in these countries, providing us with vast human resources and a considerable amount of clients.