Emerald Consult

Accounting and Audit

Even traditional offshore companies often require that accounting reports be made and that the company’s documents from the last several years be available, while the different jurisdictions tend to pay strict attention to taxes and expect auditing and accounting reports to be submitted for every reporting period.

Emerald Consult has a team of financial specialists who focus on accounting in accordance with international standards and who are very well aware of all the aspects and nuances of corporate tax and finance legislation for those jurisdictions where our clients work.

If for any reasons it is more convenient to you to outsource accounting, reports submission and auditing, we will readily take up this responsibility.

In addition to many years of successful experience in accounting and auditing, we guarantee optimal conditions for successful collaboration and a professional approach to every nuance of our work to all our clients.

We will also be able to assist companies in obtaining a tax-exempt status, provided that these companies have the right for such a status.

To find out if we provide financial services in the jurisdiction of your company, please call our number:

  • Bratislava +421 911 809 166
  • Hong Kong +852-23111757