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Corporate Bank Accounts

No company can exist without a bank account, but there are such questions as to how, where and for what purpose this account should be opened – these require intelligent and detailed answers.

Not only does having the right accounts allow you to successfully run your business, it also facilitate the growth and protection of company assets.

The first question to answer is “Why do you need that particular account?”

If the major objective is to protect some financial assets of the company from third party claims, then you will need a bank located in a jurisdiction that provides the highest confidentiality.

If you require an active business account with a reliable bank, then you can open an account and save on taxes if you take advantage of the present-day business leaders, such as Hong Kong or Singapore.

In order to help you select a bank with the best conditions and to open accounts for your company, fund, or trust, please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of business, location of major partners;

  • To open a transaction account – planned annual turnover, average transaction amount, approximate number of transactions per month;
  • To open an investment or savings account – the initial deposit amount and planned deposit amount by the end of the year;
  • Citizenship and tax residency of the company’s future account signatory, director, owners, and beneficiaries;
  • Preferences in terms of jurisdiction, where a bank is registered;
  • Whether you will need a multi-currency account and which currencies are required;
  • The possibility of providing the necessary references from lawyers and banks, where the account signatory, owners, and director of the company, trust, or fund are already clients;
  • Verifying the source of funds;
  • Preferable account opening mode: if the account should be remote only or if personal attendance is required;
  • Banking support language preferences.

The bank you select will require the above information to open an account. Our team is trained to provide the bank with all the necessary information in a competent manner, so as to receive a favorable decision, while at the same time protecting the client to the greatest possible extent.

To get answers to any questions regarding foreign banks, specifics related to opening accounts for different purposes, or the potential communication and paperwork pitfalls, please call us at the following phone numbers:

  • Bratislava +421 911 809 166
  • Hong Kong +852-23111757