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Citizenship and Residence Permit

In our restless world, maintaining a residence in more than one country is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

In most countries, there are three options for long-term legal stay:

  • A temporary residence permit, which usually allows you to remain in the country for a period of 1 to 2 years with or without the right to work. It is usually harder to receive a temporary residence permit than to extend it;

  • A permanent residence permit, which is different from a citizenship in only one respect –you do not have the right to vote in the elections;
  • Citizenship

Each country offers citizens of other countries a number of opportunities to obtain the right of legal residence. Most options in different countries are similar in one way or another:

  • Business immigration assumes the incorporation of a business in the territory of a country: usually, minimum turnover or income of the company, investment volume, number of jobs created are specified, among other criteria;

  • Qualified workforce programs are aimed at making a move to another country attractive to foreigners with a university level degree and career prospects: it usually requires an employer who can guarantee the employment of the candidate with a salary higher than the program minimum;
  • Work or study visa is a temporary residence permit giving the right to work or study in the territory of a country;
  • Family reunification programs allow immediate family members to move to a country if one of the family members already resides in this country. The number of family members, degree of kinship, and level of financial support that needs to be provided is specified by the country’s government;
  • Investment-based citizenship implies investment into a country’s economy. The investment can actually be an interest-free loan for a specific period. Once this period expires, the government will return the funds and grant the civil rights to you. However, the investment might also be non-refundable;
  • A savings-based temporary residence permit can be received in some countries as the right for legal residence if you can prove that you are self-sustainable.

Every country has its own range of the above opportunities, as well as its own requirements for each item that might often change depending on social, political, and economic needs and risks.

The number of days per year when a candidate must stay in the territory of a country; knowledge of the official language and national history; education level and employment record; potential prior convictions of a candidate and their time limitations; prospects of receiving a passport from another country – all of these are just a fraction of the major criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing the best possible plan for obtaining a residence permit and, later, citizenship in your country of choice. 

Our team can help you to make the right choice for you, stay on top of every detail, and spend as little time, effort, and money as possible to get through the necessary authorization and approval procedures.

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