Emerald Consult

IT Consulting/Outsourcing, Equipment and Software Supply

Businesses today cannot operate without information technologies.

Emerald Consult provides information protection for businesses and streamlines IT infrastructure for international companies by server equipment placement at up-to-date European data centres and its further support.

Our specialists complete the full cycle of services:

  • Consulting includes the identification of the best possible configuration for the infrastructure, equipment, and software to achieve your objectives, as well as the calculation of the required investment amount, streamlining of the expenses for set up and subsequent use, and information systems development strategy for the company;

  • Supply of the required server and network equipment, computers and components, and licensed software;

  • Outsourcing includes technical support and IT infrastructure support, preventing measure, and protection against external and internal threats.

High servicing level at the affordable price and European quality of service and equipment are an efficient and secure solution for a business today.