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Austria is one of the richest, most beautiful and comfortable countries in the world, a true pillar of the Western culture and civilization.

Austria is a part of the European Union and the Eurozone, as well as the United Nations member, and is one of the few countries that have declared perpetual neutrality and non-alignment with any military blocs and alliances.

There are multiple reasons to put Austria on your personal map:

  • Healthy domestic demand makes this country very attractive for actual business operation – if you incorporate a company and pay taxes properly (corporate tax, profit on capital tax, and dividends tax comprise 25%), you are not only getting a stable income source, you are also receiving the right to obtain a residence permit in Austria, and the opportunity to acquire real estate and open bank accounts in any European country

  • The Austrian banking system is as reliable and respectable as the Swiss, however it is generally thought to be more loyal to its clients – according to the legislation, banks independently determine their policy on opening accounts for non-residents

  • Austrian private funds are well known far beyond the European borders. They guarantee protection of any assets and they are also an efficient planning tool, because they have the right for tax incentives

  • The serenity of a decent, comfortable life in Austria and the country’s developed culture attract numerous candidates for Austrian citizenship. A permanent residence permit can be obtained after ten years of residence with a temporary permit. There are nine programs offering temporary residence permits, such as education, work, and family reunification. No doubt, Austria protects the interests of its population. It is not easy to receive the right to call this country a home, but it is quite possible

All of that is combined with the beauty of the Alps located in the very heart of Europe, while high safety level makes Austria a very popular destination among our clients.