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Germany has earned its status as the “engine” of Europe’s economy for its sensible development policy. Today, this country is attractive not just for its infrastructure, living standards and transparency, but also for its economic opportunities:

  • Russia and Germany have a common law system – the law of pandects, so our fellow citizens do not have to change their world-view dramatically after they immerse themselves into the German business model,

  • Using German businesses as holding companies can be a sensible way of prividing their owners with the exemption of taxes on dividends, corporate taxes for subsidiaries and all capital gains taxes. Moreover, tax agreements with Russia results in zero withholding tax rates on royalty.
  • Conditions to receive a residence permit and consequently German citizenship are comparatively mild. It is possible to move to Germany for permanent residency as part of business immigration, if you set up a successful company, and the degree of success is evaluated by the German officials based on the combination of factors. You can also prove your professional qualifications: the German “blue card” is one of the most transparent and consistent systems of attracting qualified professionals in the world.

Germany cannot be considered an offshore territory: high domestic taxes make the use of German companies as major profit centers for international groups inefficient. At the same time, its taxation system is so well thought-out that operating a business in Germany can be pure pleasure if you know how to use its opportunities in a competent manner.

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