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Those who are looking for a favorable country in every respect, including business, tax optimization, residence and leisure, need to take a closer look at Slovakia.

This small country is situated in the heart of Europe and borders on Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria – it’s only 78 km driving distance from Bratislava to Vienna, and it only takes 40 minutes to reach Vienna airport, even though Bratislava airport has become a powerful European air hub after a large-scale reconstruction. This unique geographical position provides the country with maximum transportation accessibility: it is no more than an hour’s flight away from the furthest European capitals.

The nature and architecture in Slovakia are stunning: after visiting Bratislava just once many travelers return to this friendly old city on the Danube River time and time again.

Today, this small country guarantees stability and comfort, no matter what goals you set out to achieve in its territory.

 Slovakia presents some unique features for entry into the European market:   

  • The best conditions to set up and operate a business: Slovakia has been rated the best of the Visegrad Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) in this respect.

  • High support level: European operation quality of government agencies, social guarantees, numerous subsidies, and investment incentives.
  • Low inflation level (1.6% on average) and comfortable working conditions: company incorporation here will take approximately 18 business days, and generally the company will have to submit only annual financial reports and pay only 22% tax on net profits.
  • Favorable taxation: resident holding companies have a minimum corporate tax on dividends from subsidiaries operation on European Union territory and have to pay taxes at the minimum rates if they operate in other countries (for example, the tax rate for Russian companies is 10%).
  • Decent personnel quality at affordable cost: high education levels, fluency in foreign languages and workforce productivity combined with salary levels 30% lower than in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland and six times lower than in Western European countries are definite advantages of the Slovakia.

Slovakia offers the best opportunities to become a European:

  • The standard of living in this country is impressive, especially combined with low costs – only 7% of the population lives below the poverty line in Slovakia.

  • Conditions of obtaining a residence permit and then a citizenship are simple and transparent: it is sufficient to open a company (it can be a private enterprise), operate a business in Slovakia, prepare paperwork, and you can receive a temporary residence permit in four to five months. After living for seven more years mostly in the territory of the country you are every chance of becoming a full-fledged citizen.
  • European level of higher education combined with its very attractive cost: diplomas received in Slovakia are recognized in the entire European Union and are a considerable advantage in further job searches in any country of the world. The country’s government creates all the necessary conditions to keep young professionals in country: with a job contract recent graduates receive a residence permit in Slovakia with the right to work.

A fair prospect, isn’t it?

Slovakia definitely has its intricacies, and our team is very well aware of them: the Emerald Consult European representative office is based in Bratislava, and we have long-standing close ties with this wonderful friendly country.

Therefore, if Slovakia has charmed you as much as it has us and you would like to become closer acquainted with this country, please call our phone number in Bratislava +421 911 809 166.